Daily Schedule

            Daily Schedule          

8:20-8:30- Enter Classroom and Pick a Book to Picture Walk

8:30-8:40- WESN Channel 4 Morning Show

8:40-8:45- Clean up books and Bathroom/Water Break

8:45-10:15- 90 minute Imagine It Reading Block

10:15-11:05- Special Area

11:05-11:35- Writing Block with Bathroom/Water Break

11:35-12:00- Lunch

12:00-12:10- Complete Writing Assignment/ Bathroom Break

12:10-12:55- Math Block

12:55-1:25- Developmental Play or Computer Lab

1:25-1:55- Academic Groups/Bathroom Break

1:55-2:25- Language Whole Group with Mrs. Villa's Class/

                     Reading Snack Time

2:25-2:45- Science or Social Studies (Bathroom/Water break)

2:45-2:47- Prepare for dismissal

2:47-2:50- Dismissal